Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is cute!

So I never have anything funny to share, but my sister does! So I couldn't resist copying her post to share with all of you. Enjoy!
From the mouth of babes.....

This is great! It's a conversation I had with Crew after Brenlyn came to me and told me that Crew was poking a needle in his skin on his palm (something he picked up from his older bro's, I'm sure)

Jenn: Crew, Bren told me you were poking yourself with a needle. Don't you remember what we learned in primary about our bodies?
Crew: Ya, owe body is a tempo
Jenn: Ya, like the temple mom and dad go to, huh? It's Heavenly Father's house. How do we treat the temple?
Crew: Nice
Jenn: That's right. Should we color on our temple? Or treat it mean?
Crew: No, so when you are at the tempo, you are in somebody's hand?
(what the? Where do I go from here? I composed myself and asked...)
Jenn: So do you think it's treating your body nice to poke it with a needle?
Crew: No, but when I do, am I poking people inside my hand?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think there is a little confusion with the whole temple-the house and temple-our body!!!! Four years olds are outstanding!


Garet and Amanda said...

That is a funny story! So when are the Lunts gong to get together again? I was going to come last month to the Bar b que but ohwell...let me know when you are doing it again.
That bottome picture of Kinlee is so cute! Love it. They grow so fast don't they?

Kami said...

Karalee...who knew you were a blogger. I told Tim I'm going to play v-ball next week. DO you still go?

Matt and Megan said...

Hello Malaela Family! An old face from the good ol MCC 2nd ward and C-Town! Your little family is absolutly adorable! Just found your blog through the Kartchners and thought I would say Hi! Megan Morris (Allen)

Kristi said...

Hi Karalee! Just found ya while blog hopping. Now I can keep tabs on ya, cuz living across the fence just isn't enough! :-) Stalk us at

Brenden+Nikki said...

I ran into Elise E. today at a baby shower and she said that you guys are good friends! :) I was so happy to hear recent news of you guys. Anyway, let's have an update! I hear your baby break dances pretty much (I could just imagine how proud Aaron is) so I want to see a video of her dancing! :).

Love ya guys!

Gina Lee said...

Hey Karalee! Long time no see! Your little girl is adorable! Glad you guys are doing so well.

troy and Whit said...

BOO! you are such a blog copier! come up with your own material!!